Approximately 10 years ago, it seems that corners in the Greater Lansing Area were cannibalized by large drug store chains, eating up real estate and trying to lure customers into their lair with colorful ads and every convenience store item known to man.

Before that, it was discount dollar stores filling the corners in the area. And don't get me started on the flood of the so called medicinal herb vendors in the shadow of our State Capitol's corridors.

But in an almost exact half mile on Cedar Street in Holt, there are four major auto parts stores. One has to wonder if Holt has become the center for auto repair DIYer's!

If there's one good thing about it, I have to admit, this sign made me chortle just a bit. A shot across the bow to the new kids on the block that although they may not have the newest store, the NAPA affiliate has been there since 1963 and won't be backing down any too soon.

Whatever your favorite, just know that they will all price about the same. It just depends on what color sign you like best!

Parts Wars

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