Back in they year 2000, I got in a nasty accident and suffered some 3rd degree burns. My burns were so bad, they pulled skin off a dead body and grafted it to me. You can read that full story by clicking here. Needless to say, it was very painful. Easily the most pain I have ever felt.

I was burned on just a small percentage of my body. The Trauma Burn Unit at U of M was a lot like hell. You would wake up and hear people screaming at all hours of the day. The smells were pretty disgusting and I never felt comfortable. I still have issues with hospitals.

This guy in Northern Michigan was working in a food truck, struck his lighter and BLAM! The truck blew up. He had burns on over HALF of his body and was awarded $5 million. His lawyers say "It's a disappointment." I think they are right. The truck was owned by his sister. They say because the propane tanks were properly maintained, that is what lead to the explosion. Click here to get the full story. 

I didn't end up with a 100th of what this guy got but have dealt with the effects of my accident EVERY DAY. Time and therapy will serve him well but this guy will never be the same. Be careful where you strike a lighter. I am sure he would give it all up to go back.

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