"I hate cats!"

You hear that a lot from many people in Michigan. Notice how the cats always bug that person more than anyone else? They know you don't like them.

I was raised on a farm, where you don't get too attached to the critters. Once I was off the farm and living in a house with mice, my attitude changed. I am now a cat person and I appreciate of their hunting skills, companionship and personalities. I could do without the mess they leave around the house, like a decapitated mouse head in my shoe or surprise on the bottom of the stairway. However, I can not live without a cat. Neither can a lot of Michigan residents according to this link from the Washington Post that outlines the population of animals in each state. It's kind of a critter census. Check out the full story by clicking here.

Let's celebrate by laughing at the animals! First, this awesome dog.


I saw this one today and if this were my cat I would have gotten out the squirt bottle. You are supposed to kill vermin! Not play with it. At one point, the squirrel looks like he's about to start the mating ritual. You may want to turn the volume down. The play by play is not on a professional level.


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