Like pulling the thread on a sweater, which never seems to end, so goes home improvement.  Actually, before I get to that - the thread/sweater business reminds me of the story of a co-worker who was driving  to an event when she pulled a thread from the inseam of her pants...which led to the entire unraveling of the inseam....not a good idea to show up at an 'appearance' without pants or some covering of the lower-body (that costs a LOT extra).  She stopped at a department store to quickly buy pants - and of course, ran into a business acquaintance before actually getting to the pants selection and purchase.

Anyway, threads, sweaters - home improvement; after moving into our new home a few years ago, a mildew smell began 'developing' in the half bath next to the garage. I finally complained enough about it and 'wondered aloud' what it might be, prompting My Honey to rip up the floor in the bathroom.  Turns out -- leaky valve!  Good sleuthing. That, of course, led to a new floor in the bathroom and hallway -- and since we're doing that we should paint those rooms...and the kitchen.

During the process, we had several paint-related incidents with Gigi, the kitten we adopted from the Capital Area Humane Society.  The first was her landing all fours into the paint tray - bath one.

She next backed into freshly painted trim as she was trying to dive into a wastebasket - bath two.

And as I was finishing up the last bit of painting one evening, I was thinking, 'wow, the cats haven't been anywhere near the action - I'll be done in just seconds'...and she came running by -- I tried to head her off -- no luck.  Bath three.

And then, after I painted the kitchen window sill...




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