I guess it turns out that you have to be careful on who you hire to inspect your home because it recent home inspector in Oxford Township, Michigan did something that’s almost impossible to actually write. A motion detector camera in one families' home detected movement and allegedly showed the home inspector start to pleasure himself with a tiny Elmo doll. 59 year old Kevin Wayne VanLuven is facing charges of aggravated indecent exposure and malicious destruction of property after a families' motion camera caught him allegedly pleasuring himself with an Elmo doll during a home inspection.

First off, there are clearly some strong mental issues that this home inspector is facing because no one in their right mind would ever consider doing something so messed up. Second, poor Elmo. He’s gone through so much and has spent years educating and helping young children learn and be themselves and this is the way this guy thinks him for all his years of care?

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Lastly, what’s to become of the Elmo doll? I don’t think I could even hang onto it after giving it a solid wash in boiling lava temperature water. Likewise I don’t even know how you can replace it and still look at it the same way again. Not only did this man create a sick and depraved act within their home to a child’s toy, but he destroyed the sanctity of what Elmo truly means to us all... purity. This doesn't "tickle me" as a story that will end well for this gentleman.

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