Growing up on Lansing's North end, we were in walking distance from the then little QD store that was located on North Larch Street. A stopping point for Wacky Packs and candy cigarettes should have been lucky enough to have an extra quarter in our pockets. Later came Pitcher-Pak's of milk and the "Double-Dribble Doughnut" and loaves of bread that carried the likeness of Earvin "Magic" Johnson on them.

Every place that I've lived (with the exception of WIlliamston) has had a nearby QD. Now residing in Holt, our QD has been closed down for repairs since a fire closed it's doors on October 24th of this year. So many like myself are wondering, when are we going to get it back?

I have heard rumours from a couple of weeks (when it first closed) to after the first of the year! Not quite sure if there is any truth to any of it. Call me selfish, but I miss getting my milk, QD Black Cherry Ice Cream and Jelly Bismarcks! Not that I need the latter two, but familiarity is what makes home, home. You get used to the same friendly faces and location of all of the products, Even the idiosyncrasies of the ATM machine!

Whenever it comes back, will not be soon enough for me!


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