Lansing will have a new mayor at the beginning of 2018. After Mayor Virg Bernero announced he would not seek another term, candidates have emerged. But, it seems like Lansing media outlets, including us, have pretty much ignored the topic in their daily reporting.

But, the Lansing City Pulse is keeping its readers abreast of the backstories of mayoral and Lansing City Council candidates. Whether you want to know how candidates stand on topics and issues the City Pulse deems important to voters, or you want to see what kind of legal skeletons each vote seeker has, they have it covered.

This link takes you to five questions the City Pulse asked the mayoral candidates, ranging from questions about medical marijuana, how to avoid a potential city bankruptcy, and Mayor Bernero's proposed millage request for road and sidewalk improvements in the city.

However you may feel about the City Pulse and its method of reporting, remember this: they are the lone wolf, thus far.

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