When these girls saw what palm oil farming meant for endangered orangutans, they persuaded Kellogg's to change how it sources the oil for their cereals.

According to Mirror, it all started when Asha, 12, and Jia Fitzpatrick, 10, saw a documentary about how deforestation for palm oil farming was devastating to already-endangered populations of apes.

The Fitzpatrick sisters decided to stop eating Kellogg's cereals and start an online petition titled "Kellogg’s: Stop destroying rainforests for cheap palm oil!"

Eventually they gathered over 780,000 signatures which then got the attention of the big bosses at Kellogg's.

They met with the sisters and pledged that by 2025, 100% of the palm oil the cereal giant uses will be sustainably-sourced marking a victory for the Fitzpatrick sisters and activists everywhere.

Kellogg’s spokeswoman Alison Last confirmed the company has an updated "global palm oil policy" and launched a "global deforestation policy."

“Kellogg’s is committed to working with its suppliers to source fully traceable palm oil that is produced in a manner that’s environmentally responsible, socially beneficial... which includes helping to mitigate deforestation,” said Last.

Just goes to show no voice is too small to make a difference, an idea reflected by the girls' mother, Harvinder Dhinsa.

“They weren’t expecting such a commitment," she said. "I’m proud of them – it shows no matter how small you are you have a voice and people will listen.”

Keep it up ladies, you're doing GRRRRRREAT!

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