November 15, 2016, a friend posted on his Facebook page: "So was at DNR check station this morning to get my patch and the officers come in with this bad boy. Guy shot it thinking it was a deer. Going to be a very expensive lesson for him!"

This was reportedly at the Atlanta, Michigan, check station, north of Grayling State Forest Area, near M 32 and M 33.

My pal also posted: "Per the DNR hunting digest... "It's$5000 fine plus points fee of $500 a point (6x6 bull) ,5-90 days in jail, and loss of hunting license for 15 years"

Sounds like the arresting officers didn't say a word about any of it, but the people working the deer check station said it was probably a guy who thought it was a deer. They said it happens a lot up there. That or he thought he could get away with shooting a record size elk.