It's Ash Wednesday and the beginning of Lent. This year, I have decided to give up energy drinks and sarcastically saying "shut up" to my wife. She laughed when I told her and said "good luck!" It may be my go to response and in an attempt to free myself from conversation crutches, I am giving it a shot. We'll see if I can make it all 46 days.

You are supposed to make your sacrifice on Ash Wednesday morning and don't partake in those activities until after Easter. It doesn't start once you get your ashes. It officially starts when you wake up. What is the ash etiquette? Do you HAVE to keep it on all day until you go to bed? Or can you wipe it off after the service?

Here are 5 myths and a surprising fact about Lent. 

I won't be able to make the evening service and will try to hit the noon service. I will be out tonight getting people signed up with Coors Light to win a trip for 4 to the BIG 10 TOURNAMENT! It's in Chicago this year. We have tickets to all the games, hotel accommodations and parking. You just need to get signed up win and find a ride. Click here for all those details.

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