While searching for a topic for today's blog, I had sifted through all of the possible deals the Detroit Tigers could make. Reading about Max Scherzer taking a possible job with the Washington Nationals (Senators to us old guys). Grumblings about how some of the other possibilities of "this guy" signing or "that guy" going to...."wherever!"

It makes me long for simplicity of baseball from when I was a kid. When people played the game for the name on the front of the jersey and not the name on the back.

In the WMMQ studio, we have a constant reminder of those simpler days of baseball. A baseball with the signature of the late Ernie Harwell. It was five years ago May, that the golden voice of the Detroit Tigers was silenced but, thanks to the magic of recordings I can take that trip back in time to when I would sneak my transistor radio under my pillow and fall asleep to an occasional night game.

So get ready for Spring training, and all of the drama that is Major League Baseball.