My Honey and I technically started our latest round of 'home improvement' in early July when a mysterious puddle of water appeared in the basement which occurred during the drought days of July.

Around that same time, the clothes dryer stopped working.

We ripped out the carpet, tore a hole in the wall to check the plumbing, then started making a list of what we'd need to do to remedy the mess. And of course, if you're going to paint one room in the house, it only makes sense to paint another. And maybe paint a couple of ceilings.

We started this round of trips to Home Depot on the Friday of Labor Day weekend, where I met WMMQ listener 'Mark' in the appliance section - super nice guy! We made three trips that day, then several more that weekend. And more after that.

Yesterday, the guy came to extend the gas line and hook up the new dryer, but informed me when I got home that he couldn't hook it up because the 'coupler' was the wrong size to connect the gas line to the dryer. That was the coupler that came with the 'universal hookup kit', of course.

That prompted another trip yesterday to the Home Depot in Okemos; as I headed back to my car, the above vision literally stopped me in my tracks.

At first approach, it looked like one of those little fake hair pieces someone might put in their hair, then I saw the doll face.

Explanation? Speculation?

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