If you missed the story last week: Click here to read. I got a talking to at my daughter's playgroup for "not letting the kids play together." I didn't mention in last weeks article that the baby kept me up all night teething the night before.

This is round 2. We were the first to arrive and apologized for not being so receptive on my first visit. We left after a half hour the week before. The leader was so nice: "Really no big deal." I asked her about books to help me become a better dad. She gave me some info and then people started showing up.

There were a few less kids than the week before. Nugget found a toy she liked.

[video width="176" height="144" mp4="//townsquare.media/site/693/files/2018/09/20180911_1017411.mp4"][/video]

Then, we began playing hide and seek in a building. I would try to get her to follow my voice and sneak up behind her. We were having so much fun a few other kids began to play with us. One of the kids had the exact same birthday as Nugs. She made fast friends with her. She always tries to hug people. I have no idea where she gets that from.

One of the boys I had a problem with the week before ended up playing with us too.

Then we all sat down for a book reading of "I Can, Can you?" I never had never seen this book before but on every page was a kid with Down Syndrome. I loved that she got to see that. Kids that look like her on every page.
Can't wait to see what happens next week.

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