A very special fundraiser is happening today in Jackson. The fundraiser benefits ARE, Inc. Drop-In Centers. ARE is a great place or those in revovery to surround themselves by their peers and work together to motivate and continue to work on themselves and their recovery. Mental health and addiction dance with each other and it's important that we shake the stigma.

I learned about ARE a few years ago. I shared my recovery story at their location. Sharing my story is good for me and others. We continually motivate each other to achieve and mantain sobriety and good mental health every day. It takes one day at a time and when you are surrounded by a group of your peers doing the same thing it gets contagious in a good way.

ARE is Peer Directed:

ARE, Inc. is a peer owned and operated non-profit organization dedicated to helping people with mental health diagnoses attain their recovery goals.

To that end, we strive to:

  • Increase Employment of Mental Health Peers

  • Decrease Stigma

  • Educate People about Recovery

  • Enhance Our Members’ Quality of Life

  • Encourage Peer Ownership and Command

ARE is here to serve you and the community:

ARE Inc. of Jackson/Hillsdale is a non-profit company owned and operated by mental health peers for the purpose of achieving sustained recovery and serving each other in a safe environment. We believe that all people including people with mental illnesses are created equal. We further believe that people with mental health conditions will benefit from positive community and personal relationships. Through supportive programs, ARE Inc., of Jackson/Hillsdale will strive to help mental health consumers attain their goals.

You can help the cause today! Come together to support those that are fighting every day to stay sober and to help others achieve sobriety. Culver's in Jackson is the place to be today from 4p - 8p and they are located at 3471 O'Neill Dr, Jackson, MI 49202.

via ARE FB
via ARE FB

Together we can make a positive change. WE are a village.

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