Lots and Lots of beer to sample at our Lansing on Tap Beer Festival.  There's nothing like the taste of an ice cold beer during or after dinner.  I've been drinking the same beer over and over again until I realized, there are over 100 beers from 50 plus American Craft Breweries from all over the United States.

Remember the song "In Heaven There Is No Beer That's Why We Drink It Here?"  When you really think about it, this song really puts it into perspective.

You can join us here for a big, huge beer festival.  Lansing on Tap Beer Festival will take place on Saturday November 1st at Louis Adado Riverfront Park in Downtown Lansing.

Sample from a variety of over 100 beers, 3 hours of sampling, a souvenir tasting glass, live music and delicious food available for purchase.

So, you want to know more about beer.....well, pour yourself a cold one and here's a few examples:  Beer Types include Ales, Lagers, Malts, Stouts and Porters.

There are different styles of beer including Amber, Blonde, Brown, Cream, Dark and even Fruit Beers.

By the way, most fruit beers are ales however, they typically do not carry an ale character. In order to allow for the fruit flavor to come through nicely, the malt's flavor is not dominant and there is a low bitterness level to the beer.

If you're like me and you love beer, you'll love the Lansing On Tap Beer Festival coming in November.  Once a beer lover, always a beer lover!  It's true, In Heaven There is No Beer, That's Why We Drink It at Louis Adado Riverfront Park!

Tickets to this wonderful event are $35 in advance and $45 at the door.

To find out more information click here  LansingOnTap.Com