According to a report in the Lansing State Journal, Ingham County Sheriff Scott Wrigglesworth plans to add deputy presence to out-county schools in his agency's jurisdiction.

On Friday, Wrigglesworth announced that 19 school buildings in Ingham County will each be assigned two deputies to spend time everyday in the schools. And, according to the report, this will be done without any additional manpower or financial resources.

Wrigglesworth described the plan as "systematically unsystematic." The increased presence of the deputies will be noticed, but, they will not be in each school full time. Instead, the buildings will become prioritized areas of patrol for each deputy. Deputies will come and go, but not in any sort of predictable fashion.

The 19 schools that will see the increased presence are in Holt, Mason, Leslie, Dansville, and Webberville.

For full details on Sheriff Wrigglesworth's announcement, parent and school official reaction, and the schools involved, visit this link to the report.

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