I still can't believe how the Lions are navigating this offseason.

The team transitions to new owner Sheila Ford-Hamp. She got rid of one of the dumbest head coaches I have ever seen in Matt Patricia and his enabler General Manager Bob Quinn. They were trying to build another New England without Brady or Belichick but kept missing on players they drafted too highly.

The Lions spoiled the careers of Barry Sanders and Calvin Johnson. Matt Stafford looked like he was about to give up too but decided to ask for a trade instead of being apart of yet another rebuild.

When he asked for a trade, he killed the Lions bargaining position. But the Lions new General Manager is no sucker. Brad Holmes found a sucker that was stuck in QB hell and made a deal. Getting Jared Goff, 2 first round draft picks and a 3rd rounder was fleecing the Rams. Making them pay for making a bad deal with Goff. The Lions. Normally they are the ones getting bent over. It's a trade almost 70 percent of NFL fans say Detroit won. Check it out here. 

Detroit won.

The Lions have made up with Barry Sanders. They are making ground with Calvin Johnson. Click here to see that. They won't have to worry about the ghost of Stafford haunting them now...

I am optimistic for the first time in nearly 30 years. Let's not waste anymore Hall of Fame careers in Detroit.

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