As we come up on almost one year since the COVID-19 pandemic hit us, many people are still working from home which can either help or hinder productivity.

I think it really comes down to each person and their living situation paired with what kind of work they are doing.

For instance, I can't imagine how productive teachers are doing working from home but all the teachers in my life have shared that, while there are funny moments, they are ready to get back to in-person learning.

My mom's best friend is a teacher and shared a quote on Facebook that read "Teaching six-year-olds via Zoom is so funny. I'll spend 15 minutes explaining a literacy task and when I ask if they have any questions they'll be like 'do you have a cat?'"

Well, according to a Nintex Workplace 2021 Study, reported by PR Newswire, just under 70% of the 1,000 people surveyed said they have found themselves to be MORE productive in a work-from-home setting.

Now, I don't know about you but I would have to say that when I was working from home, I absolutely was not part of that group.

According to Nintex, respondents who said they were more productive cited "more family time, no commute, fewer interruptions and improved work-life balance."

While the "more family time" and "no commute" parts were pretty big benefits for me, I will have to argue that when I was working from home my "work-life balance" was entirely thrown off as it was so hard to differentiate between "work time" and "life time" and I felt like I was always on the clock. Also I felt like there were actually MORE interruptions.

Not even that other people were interrupting me, but more-so that I was distracting and interrupting my own self. I was, overall, way less efficient which is why I got back to the studio and working from the office as soon as I got the green-light.

There, of course, have been a few times where I have had to transition back to working from home and each time I was beyond ready to return to the office.

Maybe it is just me, but I will leave it up to all of you! If you are still working from home, how has it affected your productivity?

While I noticed I was not working as efficiently, here are a few things I learned doing radio from home that maybe you can relate to in your field:

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