As someone who has two very simple tattoos, there is something in me lately that is itching to get another one!

Maybe it's the desire to break the monotony many of us have found ourselves in this year, maybe I'm just looking for something tangible and positive to take with me out of this year, I don't know but I want one so bad.

Like I said, my tattoos are extremely simple, just outlining and lettering without any shading or anything. I like having little tattoos and my mind is always buzzing with fun, small tattoos I could get...and where I would get them.

Lately I have been watching a lot of videos on Facebook from the show "Ink Master" and I am constantly amazed by how many different styles there are when it comes to tattooing and wish I was bold enough to get some of these big, extremely detailed tattoos various artists do.

Tattooing is just one of those art forms I have endless appreciation and admiration for and it's one of those things I wish I could do myself. However, my drawing skills are limited to doodling and I am just a generally shaky person. I shake when I get nervous...yes, like a chihuahua. I also have hypoglycemia and my blood sugar is like a dang roller coaster.

That being said, I have been bit hard by the tattoo bug and it is driving me nuts because I am the type of person who likes to think up an idea and sit on it for at least six months to be sure I want it and will love it forever after it's permanently blasted into my skin.

I have seen so many of my friends decide to get tattoos that are extremely important and meaningful to them and I think that only adds to my hunger for a new one too.

Maybe I will just get "I survived 2020" somewhere on my body once the pandemic is over, who knows! I just know I will continue to watch "Ink Master" and think of different ideas. If anyone else feels the same, what do you do to satiate that thirst?

Here are what some of our favorite classic rock artists looked like before and after the "tattoo bug" got them:

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