Short answer: Not really.

A few weeks ago during the polar vortex, I was getting gas at Costco. It was so miserably cold, I jumped back in my car to keep warm while the gas filled my car. Seconds later, the gas jockey was knocking on my window telling me I had to stay outside my vehicle. I really thought someone had gone mad with their moderate amount of power but it's posted on their gas tanks and many others.

I wanted to call his bluff but I love Costco and don't want to rock the boat.

I thought, what a cool thing for the Buzz Killington's of the world to know. Go car to car at gas stations yelling at strangers. This apparently appeals to a lot of people. Getting back in your car during the cold not being a jerk to strangers.

I know they SAY it's due to static electricity and people catching on fire and EVERYONE DYING! Really? I have seen about a thousand people do this and never catch on fire and kill everyone.

It's UNLAWFUL to dispense gas into an unapproved container. Click here to see it. 

Don't get yelled at and feel stupid like me. The Petroleum industry has an entire campaign about static electricity. Click here to check it out. 


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