I moved to Alaska in 2007. I was there until 2017 when I moved back home to Michigan. .

So it's been a while. A very long time since I've played Euchre. Honestly, I am amazed I still know how to spell it correctly. It's not that hard though right?

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I graduated from CMU back in 1993. From 1988 - 93, I could play and win in my sleep. As a graduate of CMU, just like Johnny Fever in that episode of WKRP, the drunker I was the faster and better I was at playing it.

Today in my Central Michigan University 1990s Facebook group someone said,

In addition, is there ever a time where you can look at the kitty in euchre?

My brain drew a blank. Possibly because the synapses were destroyed by a tremendous amounts of Natty Light keg stands.

Kitty? Was that a real Euchre term? I was trying to remember it but that one didn't ring a bell.

Further down the discussion group someone asked,

What is a Farmer's hand in euchre to you?

Again, grasping at straws here. I mean could folks be saying one thing but meaning another? Were there two terms for the same thing. I investigated. These are a couple I came up with.

I went to scour the interweb for help. I came across a website called OhioEuchre.com. Whatever they say in there is wrong because Ohio. There's a link. Don't click on it. My Michigan upbringing won't let them be right no matter what they say. Screw Ohio.

I'll defer to EuchreInfo.com. You are free to click away on this one as it doesn't have the word Ohio in it.

Bowers = Bars. Bowers (as in left and right bowers I am familiar with - bars...nope)

Defenders = the partnership that did not order up trump. (Nope, we didn't call them that)

Eldest Hand (or 1st seat) = opponent to the LEFT of the dealer. (Nope, we didn't say that either)

Euchre/Euchred - ABSOLUTELY.

D*ck/Screw the dealer - Yup.

Stay home/Go alone - Awesome when your partner said it and you had a...

Farmer's Hand - Now I remember it. They also say this is called No Ace No Face and...nope.

I do remember Ace No Face though. Selective memory at it's finest here folks.

Steal the deal even though some folks claim you get points if you do it successfully. I only remember getting yelled at for attempting to do it and every now and then pulling it off. Hard to do that and be slick about it while drinking. (Fire Up Chips!)

I vaguely remember something about being at the Barn Door when you're one point away from winning. I also remember this is not the time to yell Uno. At no time do you yell Uno while playing Euchre.

Completely different game.

I haven't played Spades in a while but I GUARANTEE YOU that I definitely remember more about that than Euchre.

You can go anywhere and play Spades. Euchre, not so much.

And I'm definitely not playing Euchre in Ohio.

They have their own website.

UP NEXT: How to Play Euchre

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