As a kid, I loved winter-time. Mainly because that feeling of waking up and finding out my school had closed for the day was like another birthday. Getting to go out sledding, maybe shovel some driveways for some extra money. It was awesome. It's starting to look like there wont be many of those this year. We are almost halfway through January, and we've only faced one day of decent snowfall.

One school couldn't catch a break in the U.P. but finally got what they asked for yesterday. Lake Superior State University announced it would be closing on Tuesday, a day after a winter storm dumped more than 14 inches of snow in some parts of Chippewa County, according to MLive. Monday, Sault Ste. Marie had a record-breaking snow fall with 12.3 inches, according to the National Weather Service. That broke the old daily record of 9.8 inches, set back in 1985. I hope you enjoyed your snow-day.

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