A cat from Detroit couldn't take these Michigan winters anymore and high tailed it to Florida.

Judy Sanborn's kitty Bandit had been missing for about 2 months when she received a call from Florida telling her they found her kitty. It was a Pet Hospital where they read the chip inserted in Bandit and called her family to tell them the good news.

They are unsure if someone from Michigan found Bandit and took her to Florida with them or if Bandit hitched a ride with someone. One thing is clear, Bandit will be catching a flight home to Michigan this week. I wonder how Bandit will cover the fare? Click here for the full story.

Our Pants family kitty went missing when we moved to Webberville in 2007. We never got the answer to what happened and still wonder to this day.

Then in December our newest kitty went missing for a few days. I wish it would have had this type of happy ending.


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