If Craft beer is your thing, then July in Michigan is your special month. It’s Craft Beer Month in Michigan and local brewers and fans are ready to celebrate. From Horrocks to Lansing Brewing Company, there are a wide variety of craft brewers in our area and all around Michigan.

“I think it’s the great beer and the culture around it. Not only is beer a fun, social beverage, but the places that you go to drink it, the brewers are so unique and there’s a lot of creativity and passion put into them,” Scott Graham, the executive director of the Michigan Brewers Guild, told News 8 in a Zoom call. “I think you just run into a great culture when you get around it and it makes people enjoy and appreciate that and want to contribute to it.”

The pandemic did slow down the industry a bit, just like everything else. However experts feel they are still seeing growth in the industry and they feel there’s still room for more. The craft beer industry has become quite popular, but locally brewed beer still counts for less than 15% of all beer sold in Michigan. This segment of beer brewers is mostly small local operations that actually serve their customers in their own tasting rooms, a tradition that is expected to continue to grow.

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There are three beer festivals lined up by the Michigan Brewers Guild happening in August and September. The first event is at LMCU Ballpark in Comstock Park on August 14. More information and tickets can be purchase through this link.

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Here are 15 Lansing area Craft Beer Brewers:

15 Lansing Area Craft Breweries

The Lansing Area features A wide variety of Craft Beer Breweries


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