WLNS and mlive.com have been all over this story since Alex Soper went public with it last week. Soper was walking out of Westwood Mall in Jackson earlier this month and was approached by a panicked woman looking for the owner of a Lab puppy left sealed in a hot car. Soper saw the desperate dog gasping for what appeared to be its final breaths. With no owner in sight, and after contacting Jackson Police, Soper reacted the way I hope any human being with a conscience would...he broke the car window and rescued the overheated puppy. After placing the puppy in his air conditioned vehicle, Soper noticed his car's outdoor temperature display...it read 91 degrees. The good news is, Soper's rescue was in time to save the dog's life. The bad news, people still don't understand that YOU CANNOT LEAVE PETS AND CHILDREN IN THE SWELTERING HEAT OF A PARKED CAR!!!!!

In Jackson, it is illegal to leave a pet in a car during extreme temperatures. It's unknown now if the dog's owner will face related charges. And here's the kicker of it all...Soper may face charges himself for breaking the window.

My commentary...kudos to Soper for doing exactly as I would, criminal charges or no criminal charges!! Shame on any prosecutor who would proceed with filing charges against him! Remember, friends...PETS DON'T SWEAT!!