Rita and Abby Klopfenstein live at their home in Parma, Michigan with a wide array of animals they are now writing children's stories about!

According to MLive, the Klopfenstein women have six dogs among some birds, turtles and more across their 40 acres of land.

"It’s just a little project that was on our bucket list to do," said Rita about the first book of the many they intend to write about their animals, “The Adventures of Hobart and Gibson.”

Hobart is the Klopfensteins' smaller, mixed-breed dog and Gibson is their large "Goldendoodle" and the book highlights the other animals on the property and all their adventures...as the title suggests.

The Klopfensteins told MLive they were hoping to do a book launch and go around to schools, libraries and other places that would allow them to read to children and possibly bring their dogs but COVID-19 put that plan on hold.

 The book is illustrated by Jackson artist Mary Raich who works with an inoperable brain tumor but was more than happy to help the Klopfensteins achieve their dream of releasing a book.
“The Adventures of Hobart and Gibson" is available now on Amazon and at Barnes and Noble.
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