I remember when I was a kid... Getting a remote control toy and breaking it almost immediately after opening the package. One time, the remote control car broke so I was running it on the kitchen floor. Someone left the trash on the floor and of course, there was some glass in it. I sliced my leg open and spent that Christmas is in the ER getting stitches.

A few years ago, I bought a remote control helicopter and ruined that very quickly too.

The lesson? Crap breaks easy. Always has. Always will.

Not long ago, Costco had this karaoke machine on sale for like a hundred bucks and I REALLY wanted to get it for my daughter. She LOVES to hear herself amplified and seeing daddy on the mic all year working from home has drastically reduces her mic fright. The wife said "she is too young, she will break it."

So, we got her a little kid one that lights up.

She LOVES the thing... Or LOVED it. It took her a few hours to drool on the mic so much, it stopped working. Just like daddy.

We also got her baby's first Steven Tyler mic stand (not a real product, what we call it here) and she loves screaming in that thing too. We are encouraging her to talk, sing and perform. The mic was the big hit of Christmas this year.

Away in a Manger by the Veggie Tales is gone for another 11 months... Thank Jesus.

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