You probably noticed the caution tape around many park facilities around town amidst the coronavirus pandemic, but with new lifting of restrictions here's the specifics on the plans to re-open!

People in Jackson were still able to get out and enjoy the walking trails of parks like Cascades, Ella Sharp and others but now, there are more recreational activities available as the stay-home order restrictions have been lifted.

It will take some time and according to The City of Jackson, this "re-opening" of the parks will happen in phases throughout June and July.

First up, they are removing the tape and playgrounds, athletic fields, picnic areas and various courts will be open for use after playground equipment is sanitized and ready on Saturday, June 6th.

From there, specifics about activities at Ella Sharp Park like the miniature golf course are laid out.

Next month (July) is when leagues and youth programs for sports like softball and soccer can start back up as well.

The city of Jackson re-iterates it will be a process as officials adhere to new and updating guidelines from Governor Whitmer and the state.

“Our public parks and recreation offerings greatly enhance our quality of life in Jackson," said Jackson Mayor Derek Dobies. "Reopening them now gives residents the opportunity to get fresh air  and exercise, along with a renewed sense of community."

While some activities are becoming more available to the public as we try to safely venture back out into a post-COVID-19 world, parks like Nixon Park Pool and Skate Park will remain closed for the summer.

Also, I know what you're thinking, and no, there is still no word on when shows at the Cascades Falls will be picking back up, if at all, this summer.

The people of Jackson know how much our parks mean to us, especially in the summer, and it is great to see we get that back! Even if it is little by little, it's just something to look forward to.

This weekend try to get out and enjoy some of our great local parks!

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