Have you attempted a left turn from southbound Okemos Road onto eastbound Jolly Road yet, since the intersection was recently revamped? Some drivers are indicating that it's 'treacherous' to attempt to turn left (east) from southbound Okemos Road.

The contention is that when making the turn on a blinking yellow, it's a 'blind turn' for three or four car lengths because you can't see past driver turning off northbound Okemos to westbound Jolly because of a 'slight S curve' through the intersection.

An Okemos resident had this to say to the Ingham County Road Commission:


"I realize nobody is compelled to proceed on a blinking yellow, but the split second that the intersection “appears” to be empty enough to proceed baits the driver to attempt the turn, only to be shocked that a vehicle they were blinded from is bearing down on them at 45-50 mph just 3 or 4 car lengths from entering the intersection...Please review it and make sure the lane paint is correctly aligned, or whatever it takes to keep folks safe."

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