I am writing this for a friend. My friend has found it financially lucrative to grow Marijuana. My friend dropped out of school, has a limited education but has built an empire because he is able to grow a strain of Marijuana many people covet. He claims he makes over 100 thousand dollars per year doing this. Not bad for a high school dropout.

My friend doesn't smoke Marijuana but grows it for his wife who suffers from fibromyalgia and she has found relief from her pain from his strain. The extra stuff, he grows for patients, seeking relief from pain. He makes a number of products that are designed to ease pain, helping people transition off of painkillers. I bet he has saved about 100 lives. Over 70 thousand people died of opioid related overdoses in 2017, just in America.

He is around it all day. He trims it himself and hires another high school dropout to help him trim. He pays him 10 bucks an hour or trade. He hires another dropout to help him with the grow.

So, when he leaves the grow and is done trimming, he reeks like pot. So bad, you start looking for the flaming joint. But he doesn't smoke. He just grows. The smell of growing weed sticks to him like a fly on stank. He says people give him dirty looks and judge him all the time. He has been searched 3 times, his car ripped apart. Dogs barking all around but...

He just smells like weed, man.

He is helping others and helping himself... Explain to me how this is bad again?

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