We had a lot of fun with this today. I got Maitlynn to say "Beaver Anus Liquor" on the radio. It sounded like Beaver anus licker, if you took it out of context. Beaver Anus Liquor is being made in New Hampshire... It's called Eu De Musc. A whiskey flavored with castoreum, which are secretions from beaver anuses. Maitlynn said, "it's the perfect gift for someone you hate this year!" It's a novelty and I don't know if you should actually drink it.

The company also makes a brandy called the Corpse Flower. The flower that smells like the crapper at NASCAR. One of the worst smelling flowers in the world. I have never understood the fascination of gross smells. People traveling to smell something gross... Gross smells are readily available anywhere for FREE!

Just in time for firearm Deer season on November 15th, they also feature a whiskey infused with venison. It's called "The Deer Slayer" for the person who has to have venison in EVERYTHING! I am sure it would wash down your venison summer sausage perfectly.

We all have a booze hound in our family, seems like the perfect gift for them. You have to wait until December for the Corpse Flower though. I wonder what that hangover would smell like?

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