The other day, Mrs. Pants and I went to rent "A Star is Born" off Amazon but it wasn't on there. We had planned on watching it all week. I went to the store and for the first time ever, I rented a movie from Redbox. It was simple, 2 bucks and I didn't have to wait in a long line.

Just yesterday, the Blockbuster Video store in Bend, Oregon received a call. "The Australia Blockbuster is closing... You are the last Blockbuster left on Earth. Click here to see that story. 

The owner of the Oregon store says they get about 10 new members per day and they don't see this last store closing anytime soon. We'll see how long they can hold on for.

"A Star is Born" was brutal by the way. If you love music, you'll probably like it and come away from it a Lady Gaga fan.  Bradley Cooper can really sing though. It's really impressive how he dedicated himself to becoming a singer.

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