Have you ever traveled somewhere that becomes a part of you? A place that seems to consume your thoughts, even though going back may be difficult or in the not to near future?

Aside from Michigan's Upper Peninsula, I have found that place. One week ago my girlfriend and I set off for a trip to County Clare, Ireland. A trip that was 2 1/2 years in the making and a place that was never on my radar because of finance. Well, with the help of many, we were able to travel over to stay with friends we had never met in person. We went to record Wild Michigan. The outdoors radio show that has been my baby for the past 9 years outside of WMMQ. And like a typical tourist, I have showed the photos to coworkers, family and everyone that would come into range ad nauseum!

Well, I promise I will leave you with one more look at "my vacation." A vacation of lots of work. Despite how many pints or samplings of local whisky you see, it was work. At least that's what I am telling the IRS! This video is proof that it is work. And especially the work of Eoin O'Hagan, who has put together this stunning video of the events. You may just put Ireland on your list of things to do.