I think Kate Upton is the Tigers version of Yoko Ono.

She does have a great heart and a great body to hold that heart and who better to raise puppy awareness than Kate? Puppy Adoption awareness that is. Sounds like the announcer wanted to put her on a hot plate and sop her up with a biscuit.

She has a "Grand Slam Puppy Adoption" coming up and was promoting it at the game yesterday. Click here for all the info.

"The shelter is in my hometown and my sister volunteers there and whenever I'm in town I go over there and volunteer, too," Upton said. "I was raised on five acres and we've always been a dog and horse family. We're big animal people.

"I feel it's really important for people to know that there are such loving dogs out there that need homes and it's important that your first thought not be to shop for a dog, but to adopt one," she said.

The game sucked and the Tigers got killed 9-2 but at least they had something to cheer for.

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