Michigan entertainer Kid Rock has always been about showing off his plethora of talents. He has been an actor, singer, rapper, producer, mentor, activist, philanthropist, and much more. And now, according to this article at mlive.com, Kid Rock has been listed as a reserve police officer for the department in Oakley, MI, a town of few along M-52 between Owosso and Saginaw.

The small village has been the center of a controversial policing issue over the last couple of years. Some residents and media members are suggesting that Oakley's Police Chief is taking advantage of loopholes in Michigan law to recruit reserve police officers. To put the numbers into perspective, and to shed the light as to why questions are being asked, Oakley has just over 300 residents in the village; there are 149 named reserve officers. Kid Rock, former Detroit Lion Jason Fox, and other wealthy, pro-carry individuals are among them. These reserve officers, basically pay for the right to openly carry a gun anywhere in town, according to those questioning the practice. Anywhere includes the only bar in Oakley, whose owners feel they and their customers are being unfairly targeted by Oakley Police, permanent officers and reserves alike. Oakley Police Chief Robert Reznick maintains he is doing nothing wrong with his recruiting of reserves. (It's also important to note that Reznick is also the Police Chief for Waterloo Twp. in Jackson County)

That lack of wrongdoing comes into big question in my mind. After all, Kid Rock, a cop? He has been a well-known advocate of socially liberal activities, some of which don't necessarily show that he abides the book of law. Sure, it may not be illegal to try different things, but smoking funny things? It's not against the law for an adult to grab a four-oh; have crazy sexcapades; wild parties; sing and write the about activities, legal or illegal. But, I'm not buying that there is any reason to believe that Michigan's rock/rap/twangy rebel has any legitimate business representing any police force in any capacity.