54 year old Larry McElroy of Georgia shot an armadillo about a hundred yards from his mother-in-law's mobile home this past Sunday evening. He killed the critter, but the round ricocheted off its shell, hit a fence, went through the  door of his MIL's trailer and through the back of the recliner in which 74 year old Carol Johnson was sitting. Her injuries were not significant.

WALB News 10 reports that Bill Smith, the Investigator with the Lee County Sheriff's Department, said, "The whole situation was unusual."

Smith also added that, "I really think if they're going to shoot at varmints and whatnot, maybe use a shotgun...with a spread pattern with a lot less range."

It is open season on armadillos in Georgia, in case you were wondering.

No charges were filed in the case. We'll see how Sunday dinner goes this weekend at the in-laws for Larry McElroy.