Return with us now – to those thrilling days of the 1960s.....when kids first started buying their own junk with their own money!

I loved growing up in a Michigan small town. Kids could (and still can) find the coolest little things in little downtown shops...many things you couldn't find elsewhere.

The gallery below has 100 images of what your parents – or grandparents – or even some great-grandparents – would buy when they walked or biked down to the corner store. This is the stuff that they didn't want their parents to buy them, because they were always told “it's bad for you” or “you don't need that” or something similar.

But boy, once a kid had his/her own money, ZIP! Down they went to that little shop that had EVERYTHING a kid wanted:

Comic Books
Rock 'n Roll Records
Huge Assortment of Candy and Candy Bars
Monster Magazines
Teen Magazines
Pocket Toys
Wide Variety of Pop and Soda
Trading Cards
All Kinds of Gum

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It was a kid's paradise...especially if they had money to spend. It was more than a party store or convenience store (were those terms even invented yet by the 1960s?), it was just that little store that had everything that was just plain FUN.

Take a look at the gallery below. If you're under 30, many of these you won't know...but at least you'll get a look at what your parents and grandparents spent their hard-earned allowances know – all the stuff that's fun (but bad!) for kids. See for yourself!

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