Kiss is playing Little Caesars Arena tonight.

My introduction to Kiss was at a garage sale in 1980. I stumbled upon "Destroyer" for 10 cents and my mom WOULD NOT let me get it.

"Kiss means Knights In Satan Service!"

Well, I became a Kiss fan that day. Later, when I heard actual musicians, I became less of a Kiss fan and much less of a fan of Gene and Paul.

I had a bunch of my friends go off and see Kiss the other night. I have another friend who loathes Kiss. He has been claiming on his Facebook Kiss is lip synching on their farewell tour. My thought was, this is the best music they could get to lip synch?

It's not just local musician Pat Carmody, who is hilarious and a guitar teacher by the way. It's all over the internet.

One Reddit user claims they are actually playing to a backing track but NOT lip synching. Click here to see that ramble. 

Playing to a backing track? They are no better than Ashley Simpson.

Well, ok maybe.

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