I have been having as much fun as I can this week with MSU basketball coach Tom Izzo. He recently said he benched potential Top 3 pick in the NBA Draft Jaren Jackson Jr. The Big 10 Defensive Player of the Year, for 6th year transfer Ben Carter. Izzo claimed it was because Carter was playing good defense out there against Syracuse. Jackson played only 15 minutes. I feel like I entered a realm where rational thought no longer exists.

So, I was at the Bres for the state semi finals yesterday and Tom and I kissed and made up. Who am I to question the coach? I don't know what was going on on the team or in the locker room. It just seemed strange but there may be somethings the coach isn't telling us? Maybe attempting to shield his players from criticism.

Tom Izzo

Then, what do my wandering eyes see? The REAL Coach Izzo at the same games I was watching.

Tom crowd

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