Penny from the Capital Area Humane Society stopped by the radio station today with "Gretel" and her brother "Ludwig".  Penny said I could pick my favorite as a 'wedding gift' (she was joking...I think). Apparently, Penny wants me to turn into the Crazy Cat Lady, because these two are ridiculously adorable and they immediately began demanding that they come home in my purse.

These two wouldn't like it though:

(Gigi, on the left, suckered me into bringing her home from the CAHS three years ago and Foo Foo, the one hogging the fuzzy throw, showed up on my friend Carmen's porch eight years ago and weaseled her crabby self into my heart.)

I told the kitties that they're so stinkin' cute they'll soon find their forever home, just not with my family. We've already got two cats and a VERY LARGE dog, which is plenty for now. For now.

Good luck, Ludwig and Gretel!

You can get details here if you're interested in make a place for these two.