If you haven't yet heard about ePIFanyNow.org, it's an organization formed by the Lansing area's Bob Hoffman to inspire us to go out and 'commit random acts of kindness' and simply ask that the recipient pass that kindness forward to someone else.

Hoffman was inspired to start the movement a few years back when he was cut off in traffic and felt the urge to ram the other driver with his car, then realized that a positive response would have a more beneficial ripple effect.

Now, twice a year, hundreds of people meet up somewhere in Greater Lansing for a bit of a rally, then they hit the streets to commit random acts of kindness in our community.

ePIFanyNow.org is currently asking here for nominations for kids who do good things in our community. They don't need to have any one specific project, they just need to be an individual who finds ways to 'contribute to the greater good'. The winner of the Y-PIF award will get $500.00 toward a cause of their choice - and the winner's school will get $1,000.00 for a pass-it-forward project. The deadline is Monday, April 24, 2017.

Nominate by visiting www.ePIFanyNow.org

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