The Lansing Board of Water and Light sent an e-mail Friday afternoon to media outlets, offering an update to the progress of power restoration. According to the release, there were more than 20,000 power outages in the BWL service area after Wednesday's windstorm. As of 3:30 PM Friday afternoon, BWL reports that 1,453 customers are still without power, 136 lines and 4 poles remain down.

BWL recruited assistance from other utilities across Michigan, as well as Indiana and Iowa to assist line crews. The utility expects to restore power to most customers sometime today. But, some single customer outages are expected to last through the weekend.

Single customer outages are those that involve outages isolated to one address due to damages to the entrance mast of the property. Those property owners must have mast repairs completed before BWL crews can do their part. Since this usually constitutes out-of-pocket expenses, customers can use any of BWL's approved electrical contractors to have repairs made and financed for 12 months interest free. For more information on the Emergency Mast Repair Program, click this link.

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