My stepdaughter is going to be 14 years old soon and she loves listening to Pink Floyd, Queen, The Beatles and other Classic Rock artists that she's discovering.  My Honey and I decided that taking her to see a concert would be a memorable gift. We weren't sure if she'd want to see Queen or Roger Waters for her first concert, so we let her choose between them and she immediately picked Roger Waters.

Joey and I were talking about her choice on the air earlier this week and some of My Honey's friends at work heard the discussion. One mentioned that his first concert was Bob Seger at the Jackson County Fairgrounds in the late 1960s, early 1970s and he only paid $4 for the ticket.

Our friend Bill heard us talking about it and he called to say that he works at the Jackson County Fairgrounds and the Bob Seger show in question was in 1976, which he knows because he sees the above listings everyday at work.

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