President Biden said we should all be able to have a semi normal fourth of July this year, and there is no doubt we’re all ready for it. One thing we have not seen a lot of during the pandemic are the food trucks we’re used to seeing all over town. Last summer when the after the pandemic had first hit, people were not going to events like we normally do, which left the food truck business in a tough spot. This summer is looking up as millions have been vaccinated, and the warmer weather and fresh air after a long winter of staying inside is inviting us outside to enjoy summer activities once again.

Lansing City Pulse reports

One of the newcomers to Lansing’s world of food trucks is Smoke and Soul, a barbecue joint that opened in spring 2020 and focuses on classic soul food such as brisket, ribs, macaroni and cheese and collard greens. Occasionally, Smoke and Soul will even serve up smoked duck and salmon — rarities you won’t find in too many restaurants across Lansing. Owner and head chef Glenn Hughes, who goes by Chef Glenn, was a former traveling salesman who found himself out of a job during the initial impact of the coronavirus.

Being outdoors should mean plenty of business for our Lansing Food trucks as it’s the safest place to be during a pandemic. Bangos is a food truck many are familiar with, they started their business back in 2019 and it’s now where many go for brunch and dinner. They have expanded their menu to offer more than just breakfast and lunch. Deanna Ray Brown owns Everything Cheesecake which she also started in 2019. She says that they are setup for pickup, a lot of restaurants had to change the way they do things, food trucks were already setup for take out. The Smoke ‘N Pig BBQ plans to have both of it’s trucks out at events again this summer.

And just because it’s a food truck and you are outdoors getting your food, you are still required to wear a mask in line while you are next to others. Now we have only mentioned a couple of the many food trucks serving the Lansing and Mid-Michigan areas. There are so many more to enjoy. has a search engine that allows you to find your favorite food trucks location or see what trucks are at specific events.


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