Remember back in our school days when we always ate fish sticks on Fridays? That was a huge tradition when we were all younger. I still enjoy fish and chips, it’s a great meal. And even though it’s fried, fish is still one of the healthiest meats you can eat. I even grab a fish filet from McDonald’s occasionally, because they drown it in tartar sauce, just the way I like it.

There are certainly fancy places to eat where you can get select cuts and fancy types of fish, like Red Lobster, Mitchells Fish Market, or East Side Fish Fry. But plain old fish and chips still do it for me, plain and simple. Sometimes the simpler things in life are the best.

One of the reasons I like writing articles about the Lansing Foodie Facebook Group is the fact that like me, they are Foodies. And when the group leader asks for opinions on different types of food, they respond with passion about their favorite places and dishes. So I’m not randomly searching social media for the best fish and chips. I’m getting my suggestions from others who have found and enjoyed restaurants serving their favorite dishes around the Lansing area.

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They are like our taste testers, and now we can reap the benefits of their research into some of the tastiest foods in Lansing. Many thanks to the group for their hard work, eating their way around Lansing.

Lansing Foodie Group Ten Best Places For Fish & Chips

These are the places in Lansing to Find the Best Fish and Chips!


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