Recently I was talking to a friend who works at Foods for Living in East Lansing and he was telling me how that they have had SO MANY customers recently - new customers, those who are pretty unfamiliar with their store. Those new customers are looking for CBD/hemp based products.

My friend told me that a lot of those seeking the pain-relieving products were individuals who have been on opioid pain killers for enough time that they want to get off them. Some people coming into the store have told my friend that they've been getting prescribed these type of painkillers for 20 years!

Anecdotally, the hemp based products are relieving pain. Without a prescription. Without a medical marijuana card. Without the cognitive fog. The products sold over the counter will not cause any reality altering/high inducing effect.

My Honey has had a sore arm for about a week; yesterday he came home with the Hemp Balm pictured above. Cost about $13 and took his pain from about a 5-6/10 to a 1/10.

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