One of the things I enjoy in life is food. This is a category with limitless options. Some of us do our best to eat healthy, some not so much. My goal when it comes to eating is variety and finding little off-the-main road kind of joints that make some of the tastiest foods ever.

Always on the hunt for something new, I’d heard of a place called Fidler on The Grand. And one day last week I took a drive over there for lunch. I had a philly cheesesteak sandwich, which they make with smoked brisket, and holy cow was that a great sandwich. It was packed with lots of meat and the cheese was caramelized on the bread. It was so huge, I only ate half of it and took the rest home. Super nice folks there too. Only about 10 tables, kind of a small place, it was so good I went back and took my wife there over the weekend.

I ran across a cool Facebook group called Lansing Foodies. One of the group members Marina asked the group ``What are your favorite "hole in the wall" restaurants around Lansing, and what should I order?? There were a lot of good suggestions, so we decided to make it easy and put together the whole list. I’ve also included comments from the people who suggested these fine establishments.

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If you know of more good “hole in the wall” dining locations, pass them on. We can do a follow-up. I’m sure there are a lot of them out there just in Michigan alone.

27 Hidden Gem Restaurants Around Lansing You Need to Try

The Lansing area has some awesome restaurants. A lot of them are well known, but oftentimes, the best places are the little hole-in-the-wall hidden gems. We've got a list to get you started.

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