According to a story reported last year by 24/7 Wall St, Lansing, Michigan, has landed at number 16 on the list of the country's most dangerous cities. The ranking was established based upon FBI crime statistics, which indicate Lansing has high numbers for property crimes and sexual/physical assaults. The report indicates that nearly 30 percent of our Capitol City's population lives in poverty. The national poverty rate is half that.

Murders are typically low in Lansing - the 24/7 Wall St story says that when you adjust for population, the murder rate here is the second lowest among the nation's 'most dangerous' cities. So, we've got that going for us.

A link here to '' indicates safer neighborhoods in Lansing.

If you're wondering which city in Michigan is among the safest in the land, ponder no more - it's Ann Arbor. That's according to, which ranks Ann Arbor as the 6th safest city in the country.



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