Dennis Preston, Lansing Eastern High School Class of '69, is famous around Greater Lansing and beyond. Maybe you took a drawing classes from Preston at Lansing Community College before he recently retired after forty years there?

You may know him as the guy who draws caricatures at events around the Lansing area (you can hire him for your party!). He's also the guy that used to doodle on napkins at Biggby coffee shops.  

If you ever visited the 'Sounds and Diversions' record store, which was inside 'Free Spirit - A Community of Boutiques' in downtown Lansing, you'll recall seeing an incredible mural created by Preston which featured The Beatles, Jimi Hendrix, Jim Morrison, Grace Slick, Ravi Shankar, Donovan and more. 

In the 1960s and 70s, Preston made posters for local bands, including 'The Dogs' (which are now based out of California). Mainly because of that band, Preston began poster work for Jerry Patlow, a Detroit concert promoter. Then, because of him, Dennis started doing poster designs for Flint area DJ Peter C. Cavanaugh's (author of the book 'Local DJ') Sherwood Forest Concert Series. Both Patlow and Peter C used Dennis for many of their concerts, some of those posters are in an exhibition will be on display at the Keys to Creativity Gallery (inside the Lansing Mall) throughout June.

A select few of you also managed to get your hands on the shirt that Dennis designed for the WMMQ 30th Birthday Party.

Preston also made a LOT of posters for WMMQ events over the years as well - see those here


These are just a few of the fantastic Preston creations you'll see at the Lansing mall during June.


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