Malls seem to be dying in Michigan. Of all the malls surviving in Michigan, Lansing is home to two of the best malls in Michigan. Which ones are they?

I used to like going to the mall when I was a teenager, it was a fun place to hang out and run into friends. We used to like being morons and climbing on the cool seating areas and being loud. We were teens being teens. The mall I went to in Benton Harbor was called the Orchard's Mall. That mall used to be awesome, now it is dead. Check out the current pics at the end of the article.

I've never been the guy that wants to go the mall to go shopping. I tend to visit the mall when it's the holiday season. It was nice to see people out last year doing some shopping and enjoying the spirit. The pandemic and Amazon haven't helped malls by any means. If you like malls, you better shop there more.

What Malls in Lansing Are Ranked Top 25 in Michigan?

Trip Advisor analyzed reviews of the malls in Michigan. They tallied the reviews and ranked the malls. It is going to take more than mall walkers to keep malls open. Some malls are becoming entertainment destinations that might include trampoline parks, go kart tracks and live music.

#19 - Meridian Mall, Okemos MI

Image Courtesy of Google Street View
Image Courtesy of Google Street View

The Meridian Mall is my home mall. I live 5 minutes from there. I think there's a good variety of stores. I also think having Launch and High Caliber adds to the mall experience. Some folks don't like shopping and that offers an alternative to those that don't.

Shaylee B. via Trip Adivsor:

Really fun local mall that has really become popular after covid. It was really depressing a few years ago, but recently every time I go there it is full of people and a lot of empty stores have started filling up. I have high hopes for this mall.

#24 - The Mega Mall - Lansing

via Google Streetview/Canva
via Google Streetview/Canva

I have never been to The Mega Mall. Everytime I drive by it, it's busy. Everyone I have talked to that has been there says it is unique. The Mega Mall says they have something for everyone. I'll go check it out and score some cool stuff.

Marie via Trip Advisor:

I am from North Carolina and dropped in while I was in town visiting family. This mall is a mixture of items ranging from junk to antiques, crafts, furniture, and lots of books. It’s worth taking the time to explore and so many options for every need, want, and price range.

An Inside Look at Lansing's Famous Mega Mall

Have you ever been inside Lansing's Mega Mall? Just hearing the name, Mega Mall, you might be thinking of department stores and food courts. But no. Lansing's Mega Mall is essentially like a giant antique store, flea market, and swap meet all rolled into one. And, it's open all year long. After living in Lansing for more than a decade, I was very surprised that I hadn't made my way there earlier, because there are so many treasures and unique collectibles. Take a look through the gallery below to see what mysteries are inside.

The "Dead" Orchards Mall, Benton Harbor

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